The Bucket of Life!

My Nanna once told me as a young girl – “Sharyn, life is like a bucket, you must put something in that bucket daily to keep it full and you will always have something to take from that bucket!”

How right she was and how very lucky I am to have had the wisdom to heed her words and continually fill that bucket. Now, for those of you wondering about this bucket, sometimes it was a spiritual bucket, other times emotional or social and it has even been a tangible bucket.

Let me explain…

So often, we go about our days and weeks without the awareness of recognising so many people’s needs, whether spiritual, emotional, social, or other. I feel blessed and rewarded knowing that in my daily life I have put something in the buckets of those around me, giving and sharing my time, knowledge, support, care and even material or financial support.

This in turn has kept my bucket full!

In this new year period let us all reflect and each day make a conscious effort to take the time to think of our family and friends, or even someone we hardly know – if we put ourselves in their shoes and make a conscious effort to put something into their buckets that will enrich their life, lift their soul, ease their burden or even just to make them smile or laugh, we will all be the better for it.

With summer here and the sun shining this is the perfect time to re-emerge from indoors and look to share the sunshine with our friends and families.

The Europeans are masters of hospitality and have always enjoyed the abundance of family, friends, food, wine and sharing in the fun, laughter and enjoyment at the dinner table. I think the Australian lifestyle has been modelled on this practice and we too enjoy our times together around the table, sharing in great food, our love for wines and local produce all bringing us together for a good laugh and some great times.

With Christmas behind us and New Years festivities well underway we are all enjoying our summer of indulging with friends and family, on our holidays, beach getaways and fun weekends across SA.  Taking the time to enjoy the many coastal escapes, beautiful wine regions and fantastic getaway destinations, experiencing not only the love and unity that comes from spending time with family and friends but also everything this great state has to offer.

We certainly are a lucky country! Let us embrace the beauty of this country with family and friends and fill our cups over these summer holidays, sharing in the good times and supporting those around us.

We wish everyone a truly safe and enjoyable time in SA over the summer and please remember to be mindful of others whom who may be alone or challenged this season and reach out where possible offering care and support. Those small acts of kindness can change another’s entire world.

Enjoy : A message from Sharyn Yelland – Director