2023 in Perspective

As 2023 comes to a close, I am taking this opportunity to reflect on the year that was. I feel it is important to acknowledge that many have faced various challenges throughout the year and it is likely that we all know someone who has experienced difficulties which really puts everything into perspective. It is essential to approach these reflections with empathy and support, offering understanding and assistance where needed as we move into Christmas and the New Year.

I’m feeling very philosophical these days and also very blessed by the things that have made my life what it is today. Sure, I have experienced sadness and regret, losses, and misfortune like everyone else, but it’s not those things that define us but how we digest, deal with and move on from the challenges we have faced. 

It is indeed true that we often tend to overanalyse and overcorrect situations that are simply part of life’s everyday happenings. Focusing and dwelling on inconsequential things that are beyond our control can only lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety. Instead, adopting a strategy of not sweating the small stuff and redirecting our energy towards more meaningful aspects of our lives can lead to a more fulfilled and balanced existence.

The advancement and widespread use of technology and social media has played a major role in these negative behaviours. While these developments offer exciting and innovative opportunities, excessive use can have detrimental effects on our mental health. Obsessive behaviour and distorted thinking have become prevalent among individuals who are consumed by the constant use of technology. It is important to recognise and address the negative impacts of this conduct to ensure a healthier relationship with technology and prioritise our mental well-being.

Living a life of simplistic transparency, kindness, genuine care and sharing with the people around us can be liberating and preserve our emotional well-being. It is crucial to share these qualities with individuals who understand, respect, and reciprocate them. By surrounding ourselves with like-minded people, we can cultivate a positive and supportive environment that fosters the preservation of our souls, time and energy.

Am I getting older? Or am I becoming wiser? Or, is it just the evolution of time that makes us all examine our awareness to life and the time we have here to make our mark and leave a great impression of ourselves when we actually go to “the other side”?

Who really knows – but it feels great anyway….

It is truly a privilege for the SY Luxury Real Estate team to engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds and share in their heartfelt stories and life experiences. Building relationships based on trust and confidence allows for a deeper understanding and connection with our clients. The multitude of stories encompassing happiness, sadness, achievements, loss, and pleasure inspires our team to love what we do and gives us the opportunity to meet remarkable people with unique perspectives and life journeys.

We have a truly great and inspiring team at SY Luxury Real Estate and in our small offering to others we give genuine care, empathy and understanding to our client’s needs. We conduct our business with integrity, passion and a thirst for knowledge, results and great client satisfaction. We hope you feel this from all of our special team members you have the pleasure of sharing time with.

We look forward to our continued respective relationships and being of service to you and your families, friends and colleagues in 2024.

A heartfelt message from our Director Sharyn Yelland

Sharyn Yelland
Director & Executive Property Specialist
0417 867 383